Jacaranda Health’s vision is a world where all women and their families experience childbirth safely and with dignity.

We run East Africa's highest quality affordable maternity hospital, and we partner with government hospitals to deliver solutions that improve quality of care for all mothers and newborns.

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The Challenge

We need to improve quality of care to improve maternal and newborn health outcomes. In Kenya, births in health facilities have increased from 40% to over 60% in the last 5 years, yet maternal and newborn outcomes are not improving. 

Our Approach

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We test better approaches in our own facility and in partner public hospitals


We work with public hospitals to integrate solutions into standard of care


We work with government health systems to scale low-cost and high impact approaches that improve the lives of mothers and babies

Key Results

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We are deploying innovative solutions in over 60 hospitals in 5 Kenyan counties. 


Our SMS-based tools are driving a 1.6x increase in postpartum family planning uptake. Nurses in government facilities have a 50% sustained improvement in newborn resuscitation skills.

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Our maternity hospital remains a gold-standard for delivering high-quality, low cost care, with 60% fewer complications compared to nearby facilities.