Announcing Jacaranda Health’s 2016 Impact Report

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By Nick Pearson


I am delighted to announce the launch of Jacaranda Health’s second annual impact report. The last year has been a tremendous period of growth and achievement, as we have focused on evaluating our existing projects and scaling what truly works best to improve health outcomes for newborns and mothers in East Africa.

In our journey over the last few years from a small mobile clinic to our humming Kahawa West obstetric center, Jacaranda has become the most respected provider of maternal healthcare in Kenya. Our Kahawa hospital was recently awarded SafeCare Level 5 certification – making us the highest rated facility in East Africa. Our patient outcomes are without parallel, and our innovations in healthcare delivery are proving to be scalable.

The 2016 Annual Impact Report captures several metrics of success. My favorite statistic is this: 97% of the women we serve said that our staff were caring and compassionate. Our team puts dignity and respect first, as a cornerstone to delivering high-quality care. 

Our journey to transform maternal healthcare East Africa has two tracks: the first is to deliver the best maternity care in Kenya, innovating for low cost and exceptional quality. The second is to influence other players in the maternal health landscape.

2016 was a banner year for our service delivery.  We ended the year with our highest volumes of deliveries in our Kahawa hospital, and saw over 2,000 clients in December alone. Growing volumes also resulted in improved sustainability: Kahawa is nearly 85% self-sustaining with patient revenues. We plan to reach 100% in 2017 – a target that will enable us to expand our model to more hospitals. Our team has managed to maintain consistent quality and patient-centered care while our volumes have almost doubled.

On the second track, our partnerships for influence have grown dramatically, especially with the Kenyan public sector. Last year we worked with 8 government facilities to test innovations that improve outcomes for mothers and babies – with exciting early results. We also worked closely with academic peers at the University of California, San Francisco to evaluate models of patient centered care and with Harvard University on obstetric ultrasound. We forged new funding partnerships with organizations like the Gates Foundation, and expanded our existing relationships with partners at Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson.

I invite you to explore the impact we made on mothers and newborns last year in our 2016 Impact Report.  

Thank you so much for supporting our journey.