Behind the Scenes: Meet Jacaranda’s Ambulance Driver


September 26, 2016

By Lindsay Sanders, former Communications Manager


At Jacaranda, we believe that employees are the lifeblood of our organization. This year we expanded our team to 90, building out our frontline staff capacity and bringing on industry experts to elevate our maternal health innovations. It takes tremendous cross-departmental collaboration for us to operate our health facilities efficiently and effectively, and every single employee is essential to that success.

Depending on your connection to Jacaranda Health, you may be familiar with some of our employees. If you’re a client, you’ve spent quality time with our doctors and nurses. If you’re a maternal health enthusiast, perhaps you’ve met some of our research or quality improvement champions.

And if you’ve visited our Kahawa West facility or have had a pregnancy-related emergency, you’ve likely met our wonderful Ambulance Driver, Mr. John Silla.

John’s main responsibility is to safely transport clients with complications requiring a higher level of care to partner facilities in the area. On any given day, you can find him with a big smile on his face while he maintains the ambulance, talks with customers, or heads out to an emergency.  Like most of our employees, John goes above and beyond his job description to provide clients the best experience possible.

“Customer service is really important because people need to see etiquette. They need to see that you honor them and that you’ll go an extra mile. That they’re not just paying for services.”

John’s approach to great customer service starts with making sure our clients feel safe and comfortable during the ambulance ride. He understands the anxiety caused by high-risk situations, so he makes sure to talk with the clients throughout the trip and answer any questions or concerns they have.

“When a client remembers a time they were referred and delivered safely, that is my joy - to provide such an amazing experience that clients will remember me.”