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Claire Qureshi

Claire Qureshi helps lead efforts on community health and frontline delivery for the Office of the UN Special Envoy, with an emphasis on supporting African countries to design and finance sustainable, high-impact health systems. In this capacity, she engages closely with ministries of health, official donors, private investors, NGOs, and multilateral partners.

Claire is also a member of the Project Advisory Committee (PAC) for the Financing Alliance for Health, a multi-partner initiative to support African governments in building resilient health systems that, over time, become financially self-sufficient.

Finally, Claire serves as a key advisor on efforts to expand community health in the U.S., in part by drawing on global lessons.

Before she joined the Office of the UN Special Envoy, Claire was a consultant with Results for Development and for McKinsey & Company, where she primarily served hospitals, health systems, and pharmaceutical companies.

In addition to her work in healthcare, Claire also served in the Office of the Chief of Staff at the U.S. Treasury Department, covering international affairs, terrorism and financial intelligence, and tax policy for Secretary Geithner.  She was also a White House Intern. Claire received her MBA from Harvard Business School and her B.A. from Yale University. She lives in New Haven, Connecticut, with her husband and son.