Jacaranda Health

Jacaranda Health is a non-profit that works to improve quality of care in public hospitals - where the vast majority of low income women deliver their babies.

Jacaranda Maternity

Jacaranda Maternity is our social enterprise maternity hospital which is a best-in-class model for affordable, private sector care.

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By partnering with government health systems where 80% of women deliver, improving quality of care through proven, low-cost interventions, and scaling to improve health outcomes across a critical mass of hospitals, we are setting a sustainable standard of care. At the core of this are our innovative programs. 

Our Core Programs

SMS Service

Our evidence-based SMS platform that influences care-seeking behavior at critical moments. We engage pregnant women and mothers so that they seek care at the appropriate times.


Nurse Mentorship

Our Nurse Mentorship program takes the classroom to public hospitals to ensure providers have the sustained skills to deliver life-saving care.

Programs In Development


Group ANC

Our Group ANC (GANC) program enables groups of 8-12 pregnant women to attend ANC sessions that combine social support, high-quality information, and learning activities in a way that enables them to get the kind of social and medical support they need.

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Research and Innovation

Our internal R&D team develops tools in-house, and works with research partners such as the Harvard School of Public Health and Duke University, to design and test new tools & approaches that can improve quality of care.

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Recent work includes developing a model for group prenatal care that can be run in public facilities, exploring mHealth tools for assessing postpartum depression, and leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to triage incoming SMS messages for ‘red flag’ questions.

Vision for Scale

Vision 2021: We will deploy our core programs across 150+ public facilities across 10 counties, improving quality of care for 240,000 mothers and babies. Our maternity hospital will expand to two new facilities, directly improving care for more women and babies.

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