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Our vision is a world where all women and their families

experience childbirth safely and with dignity.

We aim to reduce maternal and post-natal mortality while
transforming maternal healthcare with high quality,
low cost, and respectful maternity services.

Our Challenge in Brief


However, in Kenya, births in facilities have gone from 40% to 60% in the last 5 years. Most importantly the majority of maternal and newborn deaths are prentable through provision of skilled care before, during and after childbirth.


How we work

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We design better systems for delivering high quality maternity care by testing, improving and rigorously measuring impact



We test, improve and measure impact in our own centres of excellence and through partnerships with government hospitals



We spread these innovations and scale through public and private partners


Where we work


We currently work in 3 counties in Kenya: Bungoma, Kiambu, and Nairobi

Our expansion strategy targets 2 further densely populated counties enabling us to reach 40% of Kenya’s population and ensuring rapid adoption of innovations across the country.

See our vision for scale for more information.