Our Impact

We are partnering with over 60 public and mission hospitals, which serve over 74,000 women and babies every year.

Read more about our impact in our 2017 Impact Report (PDF).

SMS Service

The messages helped me identify a fever in my baby, and I also noticed jaundice three days after I gave birth.
— Mother using SMS service

Nurse Mentor Program

After practicing newborn resuscitation with the mentor at our facility, a baby was born not breathing during the night and I was called to come to resuscitate her. My colleagues who had not been trained asked the mentor for a refresher training the next day after seeing how confidently I handled the case
— Nurse Mentorship program participant

The presence and activities of our nurse mentors across public facilities saw:


Jacaranda Maternity

We operate three low-cost, private maternity care hospitals offering maternity care for less than $150/day.

Jacaranda Maternity is setting a strong precedent for respectful maternity care by increasing the feedback loop from clients to ensure that each woman is having a positive patient experience.

Since launching Jacaranda Maternity, we have recorded:


• 60% fewer maternal and newborn complications than nearby facilities.

• 91% of patients reported being highly satisfied with care.

• 100% mothers exclusively breastfeeding at six months.