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Teresa Ogolla 

M&E Associate

Teresa joined Jacaranda Health in March 2014. She had already developed an interest in maternal and newborn health at the age of 14 when her paternal aunt suddenly lost her baby.

Ever since, Teresa has aimed to work to improve newborn and maternal health as well as disease prevention and control. Her passion led her to work on various mHealth projects at Jacaranda Health for more than four years.

She provides clients with accurate and verified health information online (WhatsAapp & Facebook) and refers them to appropriate organizations. She has also supported our Group Antenatal Care Project activities as well as breastfeeding projects.

Prior to joining us, Teresa served as a Senior Field Officer at Innovations for Poverty Action Kenya (IPA) for two years, where she researched on women empowerment projects and promoted reproductive health activities at the community level. In addition, Teresa interned for a Plan International Kenya project promoting girls’ rights and protection.

Currently pursuing a B.A in development studies, Teresa is also a NASCOP_National AIDs and STI Control-trained and certified HIV/AIDs counselor with an interest in prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV (PMTCT).