What We Do


Jacaranda Health

Jacaranda Health is a non-profit that works to improve quality of care in public hospitals - where the vast majority of low income women deliver their babies.

Jacaranda Maternity

Jacaranda Maternity is our social enterprise maternity hospital which is a best-in-class model for affordable, private sector care.


Our Core Programs

SMS Service


PROMPTS is an evidence-based SMS platform that influences care-seeking behavior at critical moments. We engage pregnant women and mothers so that they seek care at the appropriate times.



Our Nurse Mentorship program takes the classroom to public hosptials to ensure providers have the sustained skills to deliver life-saving care

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Our innovative tools and approaches have been delivered across 60+ public hospitals in Kenya

74,000 mothers and babies were delivered in hospitals that used our innovations

Our maternity hospital is one of the highest rated in East Africa.